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Natural, Long-Lasting Bug Repellent Clips

American Innovation for Your Bug Infestation

Keep Bugs Away While You Work & Play!

From the back nine to the backwoods, InfusenClip™ repels bugs the natural way, so you can enjoy the great outdoors!


Our patented product magnetically clips to the brim of any hat. It is infused with a unique blend of essential oils that keep gnats and mosquitos away without harsh, smelly chemicals.


Whatever your passion—gardening, golfing, fishing, hiking, mowing the lawn, working or just relaxing—InfusenClip™ keeps bugs away while you work and play!

What Makes InfusenClip™ Different?

All Natural

We fight nature with nature: InfusenClip™  contains no artificial additives or chemicals. Our unique blend of herbs and essential oils contains extracts from plants that you've heard of, and have been trusted to naturally repel insects for generations.

No Spraying

Whether you spray your property or your body, harsh, foul-smelling chemicals end up on your skin, in your airways and our shared waterways.  InfusenClip™ clips onto your hat, keeping bugs away without aerosols and additives going everywhere.

Long Lasting

Bug spray wears off quickly, especially in hot, sweaty environments. Rather than spray all day, the InfusenClip™ becomes part of your wardrobe, providing consistent protection and lasting for months when stored in its convenient pouch. 

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